Our Story

Our Founders

Bidets Care Services is a family-owned business. T.J. and Susan Raji wanted to enter the home care industry because they share a passion and excitement for helping others. They found that Bidets Care’s brand aligned with their values the most. T.J. has over a decade of experience in directing non-profit organizations and business development; and having been a caregiver, Susan understands the importance of regular and reliable hours when managing a team, so they want to provide a great employee experience with flexibility and consistency for their Care Team.

Our Talent

Bidets Care Services understands the importance of social connection in their community. Getting to know the families and hearing their stories and getting invited into someone’s home to care for their loved ones, truly a privilege.

The Indianapolis team cares about people and love what they do, connecting strongly with Bidets Care’s core values of

(1) Admire People,

(2) Passionate About Making a Difference and

(3) Find a Better Way caregivers are matched with clients based on needs and interests.

Our perfect match guarantee is just one way we ensure home care goes beyond tasks. For us, it is about building relationships and providing the best care for children, adolescents, and adults with developmental, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities: residential and community–based treatment, autism services, education, outpatient behavioral health, and more. Happier Aging – a truly unique experience getting seniors back to doing what they love. We help seniors age blissfully!

Our Goals

“Happier Aging is finding joy in everyday moments. This is different for every person, and we want to work to find out what that means for each of one of our clients. We also want to encourage and empower our caregivers to find creative ways in which to enrich the lives of clients with new experiences and memories, both large and small.”

Bidets Care’s goal is to become the most respected, recognized, and valued provider of services to people with developmental, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities and the people who love them. It is not only about providing the best possible care and customer service, it is also about making employees feel that there is no better place in the world to work than Bidets Care Services. We’re proud to serve local communities near you. Bidets Care Services provides in home care; a 7 Day a Week, 24 Hour Home Care Team – all with no long-term contracts.


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